Update on the Project

In 2017; we were optimistic that the re-shingling project could be completed by early summer, 2018 but such was not the case.  Because of the change in Ontario governments, there was a considerable delay that cost us financially as we had to cover the extra scaffolding rental costs – fortunately, Ontario Parks picked up some of this cost (it was $11,074 monthly during the summer months).

But, as you now know, the shingling project was finished in late October to our specifications except we were unable to “finish” the window openings in the original gothic style due to structural concerns about cutting the supporting frame work.

So, over the winter months, we spent time working on drawings, etc for the installation of our signage; some landscaping changes, sandblasting of the lower door and cleanup/replacement of the lower section presently surrounded by tin.  And apply paint where necessary.

We also did considerable work on the existing “paver-block” walkway that was torn up and re-laid as there is considerable heaving along the Boucher Walkway (this work was completed by Picture Perfect Landscaping as their support for our efforts).  These were completed during 2019.  Earlier that spring, Chris Turner and his group at CJ Painting volunteered the parts and labour to paint the top section of the lighthouse.

After obtaining pricing for the sandblasting of the lower section and painting of those areas and that  was well over $8,000 as we were a bit concerned that our initial budget cost of $30,000 might be on the low side. Again, this work was completed with one of the Contractors – Mass Industrial also making a sizable donation to our effort.

As part of our “signage” program, we have listed all names of those that have supported us in the past with a minimum of $100 in donations. It is our plan to update the signage again in late 2021 as we have continued to receive support since the sign was installed in late 2019. 

Finally, while we had hoped to one day replace the original cupola, that project has been shelved at this time by Ontario Parks – probably because of all the hassles and cost over-runs associated with the 2018 financial misappropriation.   But, we are very happy to be able to state today, that our Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse is going to be around for a long time thanks to everyone’s efforts.