2016 Pilot Project

     The proposed Pilot Conservation Project is scheduled to hopefully start in April, 2017. This will entail erecting scaffolding to the top of the lighthouse, (69 feet in height); removing the shingles and the wood girdle; and confirming earlier inspections of the overall structure itself, which would include some grouting of the walls, both from the inside and the outside. The grouting that will be added at this time would be continued with the final portion of Phase 3 restoration. The scaffolding will remain in place once erected. This pilot project is necessary from the standpoint of contractors tendering accurate quotes for the restoration (so they don’t build in large contingency costs for the unknowns as there should be none after we do this initial evaluations). This project is budgeted at $140,000.00, so we need to raise some serious money before next April. Based on our present bank balance, and the great support we are receiving, we are all confident we can raise this money.

View the 2016 Pilot Strategy Report

December, 2015

There was a further meeting of Ontario Parks management personnel to discuss the report. We can tell you that their engineer seems to agree with assessment and the recommendation of our group. Park Supt. Cunningham reports “we certainly will be moving forward with developing a Conservation Management Plan for the Lighthouse. This Plan will basically be used a guiding document for what we are going to do in the future” (with regards to the preservation and actual repairs of the lighthouse).

April, 2015

Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse (PPL):
Restoration Engineering Recommendations to Ontario Parks

January, 2015

The Phase I “Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse: Restoration Engineering Study” report is now available. (44 pages, 20MB PDF).

July 11, 2014

It is with great excitement that we announce we have signed a contract with the “Andre Scheinman Heritage Preservation Consultant” firm from Kingston to begin Phase I of our 3-Phase program to restore our Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse.

Phase I is the Engineering Study to determine structural strength of the structure and provide options to restore the lighthouse.

Phase II will be preparation of the engineering drawing and specifications for the restoration project.

And, of course, Phase III will be the actual restoration itself.

Restoration Presentation

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