Pre-Bid Process:
  1. Send us an email at with your maximum bid. We must receive this email before Wednesday midnight, June 20th. The auction takes place on Saturday June 23rd. Provide your details eg name, email address, phone number and of course, the item you want to bid on. It is possible we may ask for some form of credit card info so we can charge your account if you are successful. 
  2. We will keep your maximum bid “secret” and it is possible that you may still win the bid without ever going to your maximum bid
  3. On the evening of the live auction, a PPLPS volunteer will be provided your maximum bid and will increase the  floor live bid by a pre-determined maximum – pending the value of the item being bid on. As an example, here might be a sequence of bids for say a $500 item and you have stated a maximum of $400.
    • It is possible that some items may have a minimum and if that bid is not obtained, the auction item will not be sold. (last year, there was only one that did not get sold!!!
    • So, let’s follow the bidding for your desired auction – the Auctioneer now has a live bid of $200 on the floor.
    • The PPLPS volunteer managing your bid will increase this bid by a minimum $25 or to $225… if the bidding stopped there, you would get this item for $225 versus your maximum of $400.
    • Or, your bid of $225 is outbid on the floor to $300… your volunteer will increase that (your) bid to $325 – if stop there, you get this $500 item for $325.
    • Or your present bid of $325 is now increased to $400 from the floor… since your maximum bid is only $400, the volunteer will stop bidding as the next bid would be above your $400 maximum and so, you would not “win” the bid.
    • Here are the parameters we will be using for minimum bid increases:
      • Items valued up to $200 – minimum increments of $25
      • Items valued up to $500 – minimum increments of $50
      • Items valued above $500 – minimum increments of $75 but if the flow from others is at $100, the volunteer has the discretion to increase your bid by that same $100 but no higher.
  4. If your maximum bid is outbid by another secret bidder before the evening, you will be notified that your maximum bid is no longer the highest and you can either adjust your maximum bid upwards or withdraw from the bidding for that item. 
  5. For further clarification, please contact Dave Sharp at 613-475-5109 or at
  6. Photos of several items are below for your viewing. Just click on the photo to enlarge for more details.