The VOTING for PPLPS to win up to $100,000 is NOW OPEN. Here is the process – and remember, we did not make the rules to make it easy (or difficult) to vote… 
2) Click on “Login/Register”, then click on the “Register now” button. Fill in the form (or register through you FaceBook account).
3) Click on “Accept Terms”
4) Create a password
5) Click on “register”. A confirming email will be sent to you
6) Open the email and click on the provided link
7) To find our project, type “lighthouse” in the search box & hit “enter”. Click on the photo of our lighthouse
8) You are now on the page for voting. You can cast all 18 votes at once by moving the sliding bar to the right until it gets to 18. Then hit submit and you are done… 
8) It appears you can only vote from one IPS address… but you can always try using a different email address.

Thank you for voting!

Can you also please share this process so we can maximize our vote counts and get to the Aviva final listings. Please help us keep our light shining!

Please forward this e-mail and log on to Facebook to share our posts.




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