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Here are the minutes from our recent AGM.  Let us know if you have any questions..

Minutes of our AGM 2018-10-01

Directors Present: Dave Sharp, Ernie Sharp, Emily Rowley & Lynda Blackburn. Ruth Kerr gave her regrets due to illness.

Guests: 20 guests were present this evening

Meeting started at 7:00pm.

Chair Dave Sharp delivered a power point presentation covering at least the following issues, but started stating how much this Board appreciates the various emails of support they have received over the past few months.

PPLPS thanked Past Directors Spencer Dennis; David Brummel, Peter Ware and Anne Butwell;  who all retired earlier this year; for their contributions towards the success of our society.

In terms of our successes over the past twelve months, there were photos of

  • A very successful Applefest 2017 raffle ticket sale result
  • A cheque presentation of $5,000 from Freedom 55 Financial obtained via Dave Sharp’s work at Lighthouse Wealth Management
  • Our April 7 Madman Kitchen Celtic evening (a first time event raising over $3,000)
  • Our April 9 cheque presentation of $4,000 from the i-Heart Foundation obtained via Kristen Fletcher’s work at McDougall Insurance
  • our June 23 Charity Dinner & Auction evening (the most successful one ever at just over $30,000 profit);
  • a Sept. charity dinner held at the home of Dave & Jean Sharp raising $800

Chair Dave Sharp discussed the alleged fraud and fund misappropriation by ex-Treasurer Nicholson – not only on the financial side of things but also on the emotional roller coasters and stress that it has caused this Board of Directors.  Sharp discussed the Trust that the Board had in this individual and how this trust was breached and the missing monies totaled over $60,000.  He advised us that charges were laid and the actual trial date is Oct. 15. We are sure the Press will keep you informed on this issue as it develops.

Membership Update

A summary table was shown how our membership has grown from 56 back in 2014 to over 255 nowand that 20 new members have shown their support YTD, 2018.  However, it was stressed that 106 members have yet to pay their 2018 dues – are you one of these?  For more info, please contact Membership Chair, Ernie Sharp at 613-475-5215 or email at esharp5@cogeco.ca

Charitable Registration Update

As you were advised earlier this year, we applied for our Charitable Tax Number back in February, 2018.  We were told it would take 4-6 months.  What we can now say is that was a bit optimistic.  Our application at Charities Directorate has probably been handled by at least four contacts.  In early July, we were advised that provided we update our “ByLaws” and “Letters of Patent”, there was no reason why we would not get our number.  Good news.  BUT, to obtain the Amendment to the “Letters of Patent” (Articles of Incorporation); we had to apply to the Ontario Gov’t which we immediately did.  On Aug. 7, we were informed that they had approved the changes and had sent the forms over to Service Ontario for final printing.  BUT, now we have been informed there is at least a two-three++ month backlog in this department so we are still waiting for that piece of paper which we don’t expect before late October.  The good news is once Charites Directorate receives our faxed copy of the approved amendment, they can finalize the application and get us our number – we hope!!

Providing no other issues, and once we get it, we will be providing a Charitable Tax receipt to all of our donors for the year 2018.  Earlier this year, we did advise our donors that provided Charities Directorate approves our application in 2018, we would be able to back date all 2018 donations.

Chair Sharp stated that he truly hopes to have the Charitable Tax number in the next 4-6 weeks and at that time, PPLPS will be issuing charitable tax receipts for any donations made thus far in 2018. But, again, relying in the final approval from the Charities Directorate.

Project Status.

Certainly, this is the most exciting news and one that we have been waiting for since our meeting with Ontario Parks and the Contractors and Consultants back in May, 2018.  Ontario Parks have just given us permission to start the re-shingling and final portion of the project on September 24.  It is hopeful that the project will be completed in the next couple of weeks, weather permitting.

It has certainly been a frustrating delay for PPLPS Board members in that because of the delay, we have had to pay additional summer and fall monthly rental scaffolding of $11,070 (each month) – some of which Ontario Parks paid and we paid the rest.  We are also concerned about possible rental costs for September and October which we have not budgeted for.

As for now, the installation of the Cupola is “off the table” as far as Ontario Parks is concerned.

Financial Update

As you know, we had a very rough start to the 2018 because of the alleged fraud and forgery resulting in a loss of ~$64k.  But, your PPLPS Board were determined to finish the project we started and we are almost there.

We can tell you that as of now, we are short about $15k to finish the project and that includes updating the surrounding area and signage (both historical and donor signage) in the spring of 2019. During the past few months, we have been running a $15-$20K deficit after ordering the shingles back in late May that required a $40k downpayment (which we did not have!).  Thanks to the financial support of a local family, we were loaned that deficit at 0% interest and can now boast that this has been repaid and as of last week’s Board meeting, we had just over $40,000 in the bank towards the ~$45,000 remaining shingling costs. Plus, we are expecting a cheque for ~$2,400 shortly from a recent golf tournament with more details to follow later this month. We even rec’d an email from a couple who are getting married later this fall and hope to make a donation from their guests to our cause.  This is all exciting stuff for your Board!


In the spring, we will be adding our signage and doing some landscaping in the immediate area that has a budget of $15-$20k and so, we will need to raise these funds over the winter months.

We do not have a particular fundraiser at this time to raise the balance of our needs and will be asking the general public and that includes you to assist us in raising this last bit of funds by asking for that one last bit of financial support and that will happen later this fall.

One of the successful fundraisers over the past year has been the “Lifetime Membership” status for those individuals contributing over a combined $500 – we now have 26 members and would love to see more of you consider this in the coming months. Ask us for where you stand!

We really have come a long way in terms of fundraising since day one and we again, have to thank you (our members); all of our many sponsors and donors of our Charity fundraisers, and the general public (including the Henry Hayes Trust managed by the Rotary Club of Brighton); our Municipality of Brighton and of course, Ontario Parks. And, we do apologize if we have omitted any others.

Change in Bylaws: Amendment #8 to ByLaws of PPLPS

Re: Windup of Society Approved by PPLPS Directors July 9, 2018

Purpose of change. To adhere to CRA-Charities Directorate directions on changes we needed to make to our ByLaws to be considered acceptable to them.

Present Status: Clause 10 presently states: i) The Society can only be dissolved with the approval of a motion to that effect, provided that a Notice of Motion has been given in writing, signed by two Directors and submitted to the Secretary for discussion at a special Board meeting, not more than 30 days in the future.  The motion shall be passed only if approved by a minimum 50% plus one Director

  1. ii) Any residual assets at time of the windup or dissolution will be donated to the Friends of Presqu’ile or other non-profit organization(s) that promote the Aims & Objectives of PPLPS after ensuring any outstanding invoices, etc. are paid off.


A motion was made by Dave Sharp and seconded by Emily Rowley to replace the wording with:

  1. i) After the corporation is dissolved and all its debts are paid, its remaining property will be distributed or disposed of to charities registered under the Income Tax Act (Canada)

This motion was voted on by the membership and approved.

Motion in the Board of Directors

The following stood for re-election to the PPLPS Board

  • Chair Dave Sharp
  • Director Lynda Blackburn
  • Director Ernie Sharp
  • Director Ruth Kerr
  • Director Emily Rowley

Chair Dave Sharp invited members if they wish to be considered as a Board Member and there were no takers.

A motion was made by Murray Workman and seconded by Paul Lyman to accept the nominations for the Board of Directors.

This motion was voted on by the membership and approved.

Closing Comments

There were a few questions related to our financial picture and to the present re-shingling project that were addressed.  Chair Dave Sharp again, thanked the membership and the general public at large for their ongoing support.

And in return, Member Murray Workman thanked the Board of Directors for their ongoing drive to “get the job done”.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm.