Welcome to our website

Update as of 2021

Over the past eight years, so many volunteers and supporters (from small to large) have allowed us to accomplish so much of the restoration work for our wonderful Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse.  We thank each and every one of you for your support and loyalty over those years – despite the hiccups along the way.

Over the years, the Board of Directors while changing from time to time, have been fantastic to work with and as present Chair, I thank them for their support. From the beginning to now, we have strived our best to keep you, the public fully informed as to our progress via FB postings, website updates and even video messages.

For now, we have completed most of what we wanted to accomplish and so that means the public will be able to enjoy the beauty of our beloved Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse for generations to come.

Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Restoration

Click below to watch the video on our Lighthouse restoration.